Who are we?

We are an organisation based in Ireland campaigning to end puppy farming. Through our efforts we also hope to raise awareness of this industry and encourage potential dog owners to be more careful about where they may source their dog from. So often we have found that the public are unaware of this distressing trade and as a consequence become unwitting supporters of it.

In addition to our campaigning work, we also undertake investigations into puppy farms and collate this information to provide to the relevant authorities and inform the public. We also regularly post information, articles and updates of our activities on our Facebook page. If you would like to contact us our details are at the bottom of the page.


What is puppy farming?

Puppy farming is the commercial breeding of dogs, often on an industrial scale. The definition of exactly what constitutes puppy farming will vary depending on who you speak to. In our view any establishment that is concerned with the production of puppies for profit on a commercial scale is a puppy farm. Where profit is the primary aim, we would be concerned about the establishment.

Commercial dog breeding establishments/ puppy farms have been found to have a negative effect on the welfare of dogs and this has been outlined in academic studies:

dogs confined in the CBEs for breeding purposes demonstrated impaired mental health and, as a result, diminished welfare.” 

(McMillan, FD, Serpell, JA, Duffy, DL, Mental health of dogs formerly used as ‘breeding stock’ in commercial breeding establishments)




Therefore our view is that a commercial dog breeding establishment, no matter how high spec, is incompatible with the welfare of dogs.

The standards of puppy farms do of course vary. In some the dogs are confined to small or overcrowded areas with no room for exercise and no stimulation. Conditions in other puppy farms are better and the dogs are kept in more hygienic, modern facilities, with better quality food and access to proper healthcare. But even in these establishments the primary purpose of these dogs is to produce puppies - they are in effect a commodity. Studies have shown that the dog's mental wellbeing suffers as a result.

Where profit is placed ahead of welfare, the animals in these establishments are likely to suffer. We do not think it is acceptable for the welfare of dogs to be sacrificed in order to line the pockets of commercial breeders and their dealers.