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If there was no demand for puppies, there would be no reason for puppy farms. The most effective thing we can all do is educate people about puppy farms. If you have family, friends, colleagues, neighbours, anyone, who is thinking of getting a dog, encourage them to do their homework and buy responsibly. Aside from the fact that buying a puppy farm dog promotes a horrific industry, owners of puppy farm dogsĀ can also be faced with increased vet bills, problematic behaviour and an awful lot of heartache.


Worried about a dog? Did you see or hear something suspicious? Report it! If a dog is in immediate danger or distressed or hurt call your local rescue, SPCA or the ISPCA. They will either be able to assist or to put you in touch with someone who can. The Garda also have powers under the Animal Health and Welfare Act, so they could be contacted as well. Unfortunately we cannot help with emergencies like this.

If you have information or concerns about puppy farms, couriers and transporters of dogs or pet stores and sellers, then please do get in touch with us and the organisations listed above. We deal with all communications in the strictest confidence.

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Do you have an idea for a campaign? Do have skills that you think we could use? Then please, get in touch! A lot of what we achieve and the expertise that we are able to draw from are available to us because people contacted us and said "hey, I can help!" or "hey, here's an idea!". Get in touch. We are friendly. Promise.